Hate crimes are real and do exist – but unfortunately, so do hate crime hoaxes. But why would somebody lie about a hate crime?

These are a few reasons:
    • The person feels victimized overall
    • They feel abused by the system that broke rules
    • They may know they’re lying or exaggerating and do it to gain: sympathy, money, attention, excuse or an alibi
    • To escape consequences
    • Mental illness
    • Don’t recognize how insane the behavior is
    • Can’t inhibit it
    • Delusional
    • Crusaders
(Source: Characteristics of False Allegation Adult Crimes, Journal of Forensic Science, May 2012, Vol. 57, No. 3)

In the episode “Controversy over Hate Crime Hoaxes,” Dr. Phil discusses the case of Empire actor Jussie Smollett, who claims he was a victim of a hate crime, although after investigating, police say they believe it was a hoax. In the video above, Dr. Phil speaks with media personalities who weigh in with their thoughts about hate crimes, how the media reports on them and the damage done by hate crime hoaxes.

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