Rachel says her mother, Aundrea, stole her childhood due to her alcoholism and prescription pill addiction. From being handcuffed and arrested multiple times in front of Rachel to being hospitalized for drinking rubbing alcohol after her son emptied the liquor cabinet, Aundrea, Rachel says, is an embarrassment to their family.

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Rachel describes an incident from when she was in fifth-grade where she says her drunk mother completely embarrassed her.

“She showed up drunk to school, on my birthday, and she was, like, dancing and singing in the cafeteria,” the 19-year-old recalls. “I didn’t want to be known as the girl with the drunk mom, and it was really embarrassing to me.” She says she was teased throughout school because of that day and says nine years later, she still feels the pain as if it happened yesterday.

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Rachel says growing up, she dreaded the holidays and other celebrations for fear of how her mother would react. She says she has found her mother passed out numerous times and she fears she’s going to come home one day to find her mother dead.

“I feel like I don’t have a mom anymore. I just feel like she’s some lady that lives at the house, and eats the food and watches our TV,” she says.

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In the video above from Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, Rachel reads the heartfelt letter she sent to Dr. Phil seeking help for her mother. And on Monday, hear from Aundrea. What does she have to say about her behavior? And, find out the secret she reveals to her family that could land her in prison. Check here to see where you can watch.

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