Rachel says her mom, Aundrea, is a pill addict and alcoholic who ruined her childhood.

“When I was in fifth grade, she came to my school to visit me. We were in the lunchroom, and she got up and started singing and dancing. That was really humiliating for me, because I was known as the girl with the drunk mom,” says 19-year-old Rachel. “My mom would show up to pick me and our carpool friend up and she would be drunk. There were times where I had to drive because I didn’t want there to be an accident. I only had a learner’s permit.”

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The teen says her mom has ruined every birthday, holiday and family event, and even showed up at her brother’s college graduation drunk.

“I have found her passed out on her bathroom floor with a box of wine sitting right next to her,” Rachel says. “One time, I walked in and found my mom passed out on the toilet, not responsive.”

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Rachel says her mom’s drinking has landed her in the hospital three times, yet she says Aundrea continues to drink.

“My mom still does not get it,” she says. “I fear every day that I’m going come home and find her dead.”

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On Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, Aundrea shares why she believes she started drinking. And, she reveals a secret she says she’s been keeping from her family that could cause her to serve time in prison. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Why Teen Says In Elementary School She Became Known As ‘The Girl With The Drunk Mom’