Peyton, 17, says that she lied about being stabbed and has tried to commit suicide. The teen says no one in her family understands her.

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“My mom and I don’t see eye to eye,” says Peyton. The teen says she also feels “betrayed” by her mom for calling the cops on her and claims that her mother tells her “secrets” to her two older sisters, with whom she doesn’t get along.

“Sometimes I’ll get so frustrated, I cry. Sometimes, I get so angry,” Peyton says. “When I get angry, it basically starts in the pit of my stomach, that no one listens to me … sometimes I can’t control it.”

Peyton’s older sisters claim Peyton is a master manipulator who lies to get attention and causes drama in their family.

“I think my family, they’re just waiting for me to fix myself,” says Peyton. “I feel like an outcast.”

In the video above, the sisters open up about their relationships with each other and their relationship with their mother. This episode of Dr. Phil, A Mysterious Stabbing, Calls to Cops, A Beautiful Daughter’s Cry for Attention or a Mom Out of Control?, airs Friday. Watch more here.