Amy claims her mother, Tammy, was “unreliable, irresponsible, and negligent“ as a parent because she repeatedly failed to protect youngest daughter, Alisa, from alleged sexual abuse reportedly committed by multiple adult male friends over several years during Alisa’s childhood.

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On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, Amy and Alisa are joined by their older sisters Aileen and Susan. Susan says she staged a family intervention with Tammy, to try to persuade her take responsibility for her alleged negligence in failing to protect Alisa.

“I called an intervention because I thought my family was at a breaking point,” says Susan.

“We were looking for an apology,” says Amy.

Alisa says, “I wanted her to admit that she failed as a mother growing up – and I wanted to know why.”

“I think it turned out to be a ‘mom ambush,’” says Tammy who claims she was mostly unaware of the sexual abuse her daughters' claim happened to Alisa.

Susan now admits that “the intervention didn’t work out because I’m not a professional.”

Amy says it was because Tammy wouldn’t listen, and refused to participate.

When Susan says she just wants some resolution for the family, Aileen asserts she’s looking for answers about the way she and her sisters were raised. “Growing up with a mom like her, there were just a lot of things that did not make sense,” she says.

Tammy’s daughters aren’t the only family who say they’re upset with her. Her own mother says she hasn’t spoken to Tammy in two years.

Does this family find a way to move beyond conflict and find a way to heal? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil. Check here to find your local listings.

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Sisters Say One Of Them Was Sexually Abused As A Child. Claim Mom Knew – And Did Nothing