“I‘m an animal activist, animal lover and an animal rescuer,” says Kitty, who says she’s the caretaker for 50 cats, five dogs, four horses 50 cats, five dogs, four horses and one cow at her animal rescue.

In 2013, Kitty rescued Hero, a calf found in a field with back legs so badly frostbitten they needed to be amputated. Kitty helped secure funds to provide Hero with medical care, and together, they made international headlines when Hero took his first steps on prosthetic hooves. When photos of the calf went viral, Kitty says donations to her animal rescue began to pour in – and so did the skepticism

“The haters have accused me of not being a nonprofit, stealing all of Hero’s money, [that] he’s my cash cow,” Kitty says. “I am being cyberbullied and cyber stalked.” Kitty claims there is even a Facebook group dedicated to harassing her and ruining her reputation. “They’re terrorizing me. The haters have said that they are not going away until I’m done.”

Members of that Facebook group, Debbie, Robert and Ann, claim that Kitty is a “scam” artist who lies about being a nonprofit, violates animal laws and treats animals poorly – claims Kitty absolutely denies – and they want an explanation.

“Kitty is a fraud,” claims Debbie. “Kitty has emotionally blackmailed her donors by insinuating that something horrible will happen to Hero or her other animals if she doesn’t get more donations. I think it’s no better than reaching your hand into my pocket and stealing my money. It is exactly the same thing. It is theft.”

Robert, who says he has donated $7,100 in cash and materials to Kitty’s rescue funds, adds, “I feel betrayed by this woman … For months, she claimed to be a nonprofit even though she wasn’t. I even ran a fundraiser for one of Kitty’s dogs, Haystack, and found out later that her husband put a bullet in his head,” he says. “She needs to stop the scams, stop stealing from people, stop taking animals that she can’t care for.”

Ann claims Kitty has called the members of her Facebook group “trolls” and “scumbags” and has accused them of being an international organized crime ring. “We most definitely are none of those things,” she says.” We are purveyors of truth. We are putting out the truth about Kitty and her ‘scamming’ ways.”

Watch the video above as Kitty comes face to face with Debbie, Robert and Ann for the first time. Did Kitty misrepresent herself as a nonprofit? And, how does Kitty explain the killing of two dogs on her property? Dr. Phil tries to get to the bottom of these accusations. Watch more here.