Laurie says she’s convinced her son, Dillon, is suffering from what she calls dissociative identity disorder. She claims the 23-year-old has at least 14 different alter egos, including twin boys, a cat named “Felix” who speaks with an Australian accent, and “Adam,” who is scary and prone to violent outbursts.

“I am afraid of ‘Adam.’ ‘Adam’ breaks things. He punches walls,” Laurie says, adding that one time when she was driving on the freeway “Adam” grabbed the steering wheel and was exploding with anger for 45 minutes, forcing her to pull off the freeway. “’Adam’ is the one who hurts Dillon. One time, he knocked himself out.”

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Laurie, who also claims her son suffers from schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, ADHD and bipolar disorder, admits that she believes Dillon uses drugs and that he has overdosed multiple times. She says that after one overdose, he ended up in the hospital on a 5150 psychiatric hold, which led to her making a “suicide pact” with him.

“I went to him and we made a suicide pact that if at any time he was going to take his life or that I felt like I was going to, that we would do it together,” Laurie reveals. “I realize that’s very sick, but Dillon is my life. I would rather die than turn my back on my son. I will never turn my back on him.”

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In the video above, Laurie describes some of Dillon’s “personalities” for Dr. Phil and explains why she believes his behaviors started. And, Dr. Phil has a warning for Laurie about how she may be contributing to Dillon’s behavior.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.