Sadie is a high school teacher, a beauty queen running for Miss Florida, and a candidate for political office in her hometown who says she strives to be the best at everything. She says she wants to be everything to everyone, and she just can’t say “no” – ever --but the pressure to please is stressing her out.

“I’ve always been an overachiever,” says the 22-year-old who was in the top of her high school class, played sports, worked and took college classes at night. “I don’t know how not to be driven.”

But, she admits that her ambition has taken a physical toll. “I can’t say no when people ask me for help, even when my health is at risk,” she says, explaining that she’s been hospitalized six times for stress, has passed out in the middle of the street, and recently received a stern health warning from her doctor to slow down or risk serious heart disease. “My biggest fear is that if I don’t slow down, I could be dead by the time I’m 40.”

“You say if you’re not doing something about what needs to be done, who will? Right?,” asks Dr. Phil 

“Exactly,” she replies. “I don’t see enough people who are willing to go out there and do something.”

When Dr. Phil asks her what she does for fun, Sadie hesitates and says, “Sometimes before I go to bed, I read a book.”

Hear what Dr. Phil thinks could be causing Sadie’s need to please everyone. And, can she continue to be an achiever without putting her health at risk? Watch more here.