Sisters claiming their mom has fallen for a celebrity catfishing scam with someone who has been impersonating actor/director Tyler Perry at its center, claim she’s been conned out of nearly $100,000.


Kelly and Kourtney say their mother, Karla, is convinced that she’s married to Perry whom she’s never met in person; and that she says she believes the money she’s given away has gone toward some of his personal expenses and to charity.

“Tyler Perry wouldn’t be asking your mom for money,” Dr. Phil assures the siblings in part one of a two-part episode airing Wednesday

Will Dr. Phil be able to convince Karla that whomever she’s been communicating with online, is not the real Tyler Perry?

Check here to find out where you can watch part one of this two-part episode.

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‘I Don’t Believe I’m Being Scammed,’ Says Woman Claiming She’s Married To Tyler Perry