After her son, Dylan, went to prison following a 2015 gun incident, Charie was allowed to see her grandson frequently. She now claims her former daughter-in-law, Alexa, and Alexa’s mother, Anita, have cut her out of the child’s life.

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“I think Anita and Alexa are evil people, and I don’t trust either one of them around my grandson, to tell you the truth,” says Charie.

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Anita mirrors Charie’s sentiment, saying, “I have mentioned to Alexa in the past that it would be best if she just severed her ties with that family because I think that they’re evil.”

Alexa says she cut ties with Charie and Dylan’s sister, Dina, in part, because they refuse to accept Dylan’s responsibility in the incident, but Dina says, “We’re unfairly punished for the actions of my brother and have been off-and-on since it occurred.”

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Now Charie says she’s ready to take Alexa to court to petition for visitation rights to her grandson.

Tune in to Monday’s episode to hear why Dr. Phil says he thinks that’s a bad idea.

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