Jaimie claims that when she was 8, her dad’s behavior with her was inappropriate.

“I went to give my dad a kiss, and he snuck his tongue in my mouth,” Jaimie claims. “I didn’t even know, like, what a French kiss was or anything, you know? So when he did that, I was just kind of like what was that?” Steve adamantly denies Jaimie’s claim.

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The young woman, who says she stopped speaking to her father when she was 10, also says she believes her father molested her three older sisters. “I remember being little and watching my dad tickle my sister Amber. He would tickle around her chest, and call it the ‘boobie tickle.’”

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Jaimie's sisters, Amber, Jessica and Brittney, claim their stepfather abused them for years during their childhood. Watch their stories here and here.

After taking a plea which did not require him to admit wrongdoing, Steve was convicted of sexual abuse and had to register as a sex offender – but he adamantly denies abusing the women.

Jaimie says she reconnected with her father when he reached out to her when she was 21. “My relationship with my dad is pretty complicated. On one hand, he is my flesh and blood, he is my dad. And the other hand, he’s a convicted child molester,” she says. “Bottom line is I just want my dad to admit all the things he’s done to us.”

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Woman Confronts Father: ‘Yes Or No: Are You Calling Me A Liar?’