“I love my children very much, and I’ve always been there for them,” says Stephanie.

However, her mother, Jode, and sister, Ryann say Stephanie is not raising either of her children and hardly ever sees them.

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“Stephanie’s relationship with her children is very scattered,” Ryann claims. “Several times this past summer, Stephanie had left the children unattended, alone, and my niece would have to take care of her little brother who’s just a toddler.”

Jode, who is currently raising Stephanie’s daughter, claims, “Stephanie has asked us to watch her kids, and then she didn’t come back for several days.”

Both Ryann and Jode claim that Stephanie uses drugs, is delusional and has erratic behavior, and they say they fear for her safety and the safety of her children.

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Stephanie claims that her mother is “bad mouthing” her to her daughter. “My mother’s coaching my children, telling them that I don’t love them and that’s why I’m not around,” she says. “It hurts that my mother is trying to keep my children from me. She keeps saying that she promised them that she was going to protect them, but I’m their mother -- are you trying to protect them from me? I will never, ever allow my mother to take my children away from me.”

In the video above from Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear why Stephanie claims she’s “not allowed” to raise her children. Check here to see where you can watch the entire episode.

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