Anne currently has temporary guardianship of her best friend, Arlene’s, 16-year-old daughter, Morgan. She says once she learned that Arlene moved a sex offender into her home, she knew she had to help Morgan.

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Morgan told her mother more than one time that Mark was creepy and that she was very uncomfortable,” Anne says. “I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t tolerate it.”

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She says she tried to tell her friend the stories she’s heard about Mark, a twice-convicted sex offender, but Arlene claimed they were not true.

“Arlene is absolutely delusional,” Anne says. “Arlene told me that Morgan needs to just get over it and I told her that no, she absolutely doesn’t need to get over it.”

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Arlene claims the only reason she gave Anne temporary guardianship of Morgan was because when the Department of Family and Child Services learned of their situation, they gave her two hours to find a home for Morgan.

Now, Arlene says she is starting to regret giving Anne temporary guardianship. Watch more of their story in the video above, including how Morgan feels about the current situation. And on Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear what Dr. Phil says Arlene must do to repair her relationship with Morgan. Check here to see where you can watch.

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