Kristine says she feels like she has done everything she can to save her marriage to Jerry. She claims Jerry has cheated on her and for the last five years, has been meeting women online and sending them money. Now, she says their finances are depleted and they are about to lose their house.

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Explaining that she is at her wits’ end and frustrated by the circumstances, Kristine admits that sometimes her emotions have gotten the best of her. In the video above from Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil, she describes an incident with Jerry where she says she “snapped”.

“I couldn’t take it anymore. I overpowered him, I got behind him, I put him in a choke hold, held him until he passed out,” she says.

Jerry called the police and Kristine was arrested and put in jail for four days. She says she was taken to the hospital while in custody and they found that she had injuries that did not warrant them charging her.

“Putting your hands on each other, hurting each other, winding up with one of you maimed, hurt, dead and the other one in jail, it’s just not worth it,” Dr. Phil admonishes the couple. “Just walk away.”

Watch more in the video above. And on Wednesday, learn why Kristine says she believes her husband is being catfished. And, hear from Jerry, who says he started meeting women online when he lost his attraction to Kristine, and why he says he’s certain at least one of the women he’s talking to is who she says she is. Plus, on Thursday, hear from one of the women behind the pictures. Is Jerry being catfished? Check here to see where you can watch.

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