Sherri says growing up, she always felt different from her siblings. Then, at 21, Sherri says she received a letter from an 11-year-old girl who dropped a bombshell that changed her life forever.

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“It says, ‘Hey, you do not know me, but I wish you did. I am your half-sister. My name is Sarah. You are probably freaked out, but your father is my daddy, Wayne,’” Sherri says of the letter she received. “When I read the letter, I was devastated. I immediately confronted my mom about the letter. My mom flat out said that all of this was crazy and none of this was true. My mom snatched the letter from me, and I never spoke to anyone about any of this.”

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Sherri says that it wasn’t until 16 years later that she found the letter in her mother’s Bible – and eventually located Sarah and her father. “My mom still denied it, like it wasn’t a big deal,” Sherri says. “When I think about what my mom has done, it feels like my whole life is a sham.”

In the video above, hear more of Sherri’s story, including how she proved that Wayne was really her father. And on Thursday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear Sherri’s mom’s side of the story. Check here to see where you can watch.

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