Chloe says she and her husband, Brandon, moved to Los Angeles so he could play music and go after his dream of becoming a rock music drummer. She says the two have been struggling and she wishes that her in-laws would be more supportive of their son’s dreams.

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“If they could help with any of the finances or with the food, it would definitely help to push Brandon and give him time to set up his musical career here. It would go so much further if they could just commit to helping with some basic things,” Chloe says.

However, she says that Brandon’s parents, Donna and Len, don’t support them at all.

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“Brandon’s mom can be very tough. She’s manipulative, judgmental and she can hold a lot of grudges,” Chloe says. “I’ve heard his mom call him a loser a million times.”

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Chloe says the burden is on her to help Brandon make it. “I get extremely angry. I get really frustrated. I really feel like I’m the only one on Brandon’s side,” she says. “I want Brandon’s parents to apologize for the things they’ve done.”

In the video above, hear what Chloe says she wants an apology for. And on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear why Brandon is on the run from the law. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Advice For 29-Year-Old Struggling Musician

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Advice For 29-Year-Old Struggling Musician