Katelyn says she’s concerned about her sister, Kelly’s, mental health. She says Kelly claims their mother, Terrie, molested them when they were kids and molested Kelly’s daughter, her grandchild – which Katelyn and Terrie completely deny.

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Katelyn also claims that Kelly is not able to hold down a job to earn an income, and that her house is a mess with old food sitting out.

“Kelly has struggled taking care of herself, and I have concerns that she is able to take care of her daughter on her own,” Katelyn says. “I decided that I was going to call CPS in hopes that Kelly would have a wake-up call.”

WATCH: Woman Claims Mom Molested Her And Her Daughter

In the video above, see how Kelly reacts when Katelyn reiterates that there’s no way their mother has molested children.

On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear about a few experiences that Kelly had they may be contributing to her current mental state. And, the Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services weighs in with his thoughts about Kelly’s fitness as a parent. Check here to see where you can watch.

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'If You Believe That Your Mother Was Molesting Your Daughter, Why Did You Continue To Live There?' Dr. Phil Asks Guest