Courtney says her former friend Amie claimed to be pregnant three times and lost five babies. Courtney says she helped Amie put together a balloon celebration for one of the alleged babies who passed away, and threw her a baby shower. But Courtney says she grew suspicious of Amie after hearing how her alleged twins died and because of some of Amie’s behaviors.

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Courtney now says she believes Amie lied to her and numerous family and friends – including the fathers of the babies – about the pregnancies and deaths. She says she created an online group with some other people Amie lied to to keep an eye on Amie’s behaviors and to warn others about her.

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Amie insists she was pregnant all three times and says she is disgusted by Courtney’s false and hurtful accusations. She says Courtney is cyberbullying her through the online group.

Dr. Phil reads some of the messages that have been posted to the online group that speak disparagingly about Amie, in the video above. And, Courtney explains why she says she created the online group.

“I’m so pissed,” Amie says to Courtney. “I only came here to tell you you haven’t [expleteive] broke me, and I’m going to tell you you’re not going to break me.”

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday. And on Tuesday, Dr. Phil shares with Amie all the information the Dr. Phil show has learned. How will she respond? Plus, see what happens that causes Amie to walk offstage and have an explosive meltdown. Check here to see where you can watch.

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