Alisa and her husband, Michael, claim their former friend, Suzie, is a scam artist who lures people in with friendship and then cons them out of money, furniture, horses, and in business. The couple claims they were victims of Suzie, whom they used to consider family, when they claim she evicted them from a home they were renting and took their $5,000 deposit.

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So Alisa says she started a secret social media group to warn others about Suzie, and to have a place where victims can talk openly and freely about their experience with Suzie.

“I started a Facebook group. It’s called Victims of Suzie,” Alisa says of the group which has 30 members. “The goal of the group is to prevent people like Suzie from stealing and conning innocent people.”

“It was a place where people that were victims of her could come together, share information, so they wouldn’t be conned by her,” Michael adds. “We learned through different people that she had 25, 30 aliases.”

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The couple claims Suzie has two restraining orders and two identity theft cases against her.

“Suzie is a genuinely evil person,” Michael claims.

Suzie, however, says she is the real victim. She says she would never hurt a soul and can’t understand why this "gang of bullies" say they are victims when she is the one under attack.

In the video above, hear from others who claim to be victims of Suzie. And on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Alisa and Michael come face-to-face with Suzie for the first time in three years. Check here to see where you can watch.

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