Renee and her husband, Paul, say they fear for the life of Renee’s daughter, Keirsten.

“I cannot stand Mike. He has this ugly monster inside of him,” Renee says. “Mike has beaten my daughter, kicked my daughter. He’s hurt her to where she can’t be a mom.”

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“I want Mike to feel everything that Keirsten has felt – every punch, every arm behind the back, face in the ground. I want him to feel what she feels and then some,” Paul adds. “The first time he ever laid his hands on her, I should have went over there and beaten him so he wouldn’t have been able to do it again.”

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Renee says after witnessing the results of a recent fight between the couple, she gave Mike an ultimatum. “He either comes and does the Dr. Phil show or I am turning him in,” she says of what she told Mike.

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Renee says she’s desperate for Keirsten to end her relationship with Mike. “My biggest fear is that Mike is going to kill her,” she says.

In the video above, Renee and Paul come face-to-face with Keirsten and Mike. And on Monday's episode, hear what Keirsten and Mike say about their relationship and what they want for the future. Watch more here.

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