Cathy says she lives every day believing she is so sick she could die at any moment.

“I’m, literally, about to die. I’m going to die in the near future because there is something physically wrong with me,” says Cathy. “I’m obsessed with my health 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

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“I think doctors are not testing the right thing and they’re ignoring my symptoms,” Cathy says. “Before I even get a chance to utter a word, it’s already presumed that I have some mental disorder.”

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Cathy says she doesn’t sleep much for fear that she won’t wake up and she has moved in with her sister so she can monitor her around the clock.

However, Cathy’s sister and her daughter say Cathy’s life-threatening conditions are in her head and that doctors have not found anything wrong with her.

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Cathy, who says Dr. Phil is her ‘last hope’ to save her life, says, “In spite of what people may think, I can drop dead at any minute. Death is right around the corner.”

What may be behind Cathy’s obsession with her health? Watch the video above to hear more of her story and tune in to Wednesday’s show to see what Dr. Phil thinks. Check here to see where you can watch.

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