Sue says her boyfriend, Lance, has talked to other women throughout their entire relationship.

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“Last month, I got on his computer when he was drunk. He invited five other women to Cabo San Lucas. That was supposed to be our vacation,” she says, adding that her bags are packed and she’s on her way out.

Lance’s three daughters claim their father is an alcoholic and a liar who flirts with young women.
Lance says he can control his alcohol consumption – and what he does in his personal life is no business of his daughters.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil presses Lance to determine how much he is actually drinking. See why Dr. Phil asks him, “Are you just flat out lying to me? What the hell’s going on here?” And, hear about a DUI arrest that left him bloody and bruised.
After hearing his daughters’ concerns and speaking with Dr. Phil, will Lance accept Dr. Phil’s help? See what happens on Thursday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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