Brandi says she had never been in love before she met Max. She says when they met, he swept her off her feet and he quickly moved in with her and her three daughters. After a 10-month romance, they got married.

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Brandi admits that their relationship progressed quickly, due to her insistence.

“He wanted to be married on his birthday, and I didn’t want to wait until his next birthday,” Brandi tells Dr. Phil in the video above from Wednesday’s episode. She says that Max chose his birthday so he could remember their wedding date.

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The newlywed explains her reason for pushing the relationship.

“I was probably afraid if I didn’t marry him, it wouldn’t last,” she tells Dr. Phil.

“So you thought if you got some paperwork on him, that would seal the deal?” Dr. Phil asks.

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Now, Brandi and Max are at a crossroads in their marriage of less than a year. She says -- and Max admits – that he has cheated on her numerous times and often lies to her. Is there hope for saving their relationship? See what Dr. Phil thinks on Wednesday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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