Shady says that when she met her husband, Jason, on a dating website five years ago, she quickly fell head-over-heels in love with him. Two months later and after only meeting in person one time, the couple got married – which was also the first time their seven kids met.

Now, five years later, Shady says her marriage is on the verge of falling apart.

“It has been a rollercoaster the whole time,” Shady says. “Jason is controlling, sneaky, manipulative. He was not the gentleman that I thought that he was.”

Jason says he’s not living the life he imagined when he married Shady, and he says he blames Shady’s parenting -- and her children -- for many of their disagreements.

“My marriage started to take a turn when I noticed how Shady disciplined her children,” he says. “They were disrespectful, they talked back, they didn’t listen to their mom.”

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Jason admits that when Shady and her children moved into his house he hated her children. “I did not want to be around them because they were smart asses; they didn’t listen to their mother. I went to work and I would come home dreading going into that house,” he tells Dr. Phil in the video above.

Dr. Phil asks Shady, “What did you say to yourself that allowed you to spend one night under the same roof with someone who declared that he hated your children?”

“He didn’t actually tell me he hated my children until we had been married about three years,” she says, explaining that by the time she learned that he had once hated her children, it was something that Jason had already gotten over.

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But Dr. Phil isn’t buying it. “You gave me an entire list of how there is a double standard between the way he treated your children versus the way he treated his children,” he says. “I’m wondering how a mother allows a man, who she just met through the click of a mouse, sells her children down the river to somebody who you believe hates them, abuses them, neglects them, treats them with a double standard. I’m not saying that that’s true, but that’s your perception. How is that OK with you?”

In the video above, Shady shares why she has stayed with Jason. And on Wednesday’s show, Dr. Phil has advice on how this couple can possibly save their marriage and bring peace to their family. Watch more here.