Bekah claims her mom, Susan, has not been happy with her relationship with her now husband, David, from the beginning.

“When I first brought Dave to meet my mom, she called him Matt because she wanted me to be dating a guy named Matt,” Bekah claims.

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Now, the young woman says her mom “belittles” her husband. “She badmouths my husband in front of our kids when I'm there, so what is she saying when I'm not there?” Bekah says.

Bekah says she blames her mom’s behavior on her controlling nature. “My mom likes to take control, and I used to just let her have it. And then I saw how it was affecting my marriage and I had to put my foot down,” Bekah says.

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In the video above, Bekah describes an altercation her mom had with David and why it resulted in Bekah and David not allowing Susan to see her grandchildren. And on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear why David and Bekah believe Susan has a psychiatric disorder. Can this family mend their relationship so Susan can see her grandchildren again? Check here to see where you can watch.


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