“The day that Douglas started killing animals is the day I wrote into the Dr. Phil show,” says Lorna about her friend, Sherry’s, 8-year-old son. “I asked Sherry what she was going to do when Douglas started killing people, and she said, ‘I will be the first person that he kills.’ I think she’s right."

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Sherry and her ex, Todd, admit that their son’s behavior is “out-of-control” and that they have a hard time calming his outbursts. They also admit they can’t agree on the best way to parent the boy.

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“He acts out with his mom because he knows she can’t send him home,” Lorna says. “Todd is not a good parent. He says he’s just being a creative boy. He’s delusional.”

Lorna says when she spends time with the child, he doesn’t act out. “I lay down the law,” she says. “He listens to me. I don’t play that game.”

On Thursday's episode of Dr. Phil, he has a stern warning for the parents. Can Sherry and Todd get on the same page to help their son? Check here to see where you can watch.

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8-Year-Old Accused Of Having ‘Out-Of-Control’ Behavior Talks About His Life