Dorothy says her 17-year-old-niece, Tanyadawn, is “going down a destructive path,” and she’s worried the teenager will end up dead or in prison.

Dorothy says Tanyadawn started getting into trouble at age 14 when she stole a car and wound up in a high-speed chase. Then at 16, she says Tanyadawn was charged with attempted murder and making “terrorist threats” after she got into a fight with a girl she claimed was having sex with the father of her unborn baby.

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“It was attempted murder because the girl suffered some serious injuries. The charges were reduced, and she ended up serving five months in juvenile hall,” says Dorothy.

She says her niece, who was pregnant the entire time she was incarcerated, decided to keep the child. “I’m not sure why she chose to keep the baby – I think she felt like it was a novelty.”

Dorothy claims Tanyadawn, who lives with her, and her sister, Denise (Tanyadawn’s mother), is neglecting her infant son by spending more time going out with friends than she is taking care of him. She says Tanyadawn is on probation and if she makes another mistake, she’ll be sent back to jail. “One more bad decision and she’s done,” Dorothy says.

Tanyadawn says her aunt gets “on her case” because she thinks she’s not hanging around with the right people. She says she sometimes needs to go out because she just needs to take a break from the baby, but denies breaking the rules of her probation.

Can Dr. Phil help the teen-mom break out of her self-destructive patterns?

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