Susie and Ray claim that ever since Susie’s daughter, Adriana, started dating her boyfriend, Matt, she’s been a “drive by” mom to her little girl, leaving Susie and Ray to raise her child. Susie says her daughter went from sweet and caring to mouthy, manipulative and violent, and says she believes Adriana would rather be with her “riffraff” boyfriend than her precious child.

I believe Matt is a bad influence and a non-motivator,” Susie said during their appearance on Dr. Phil, claiming, in part, that Matt was around the first few times Adriana tried heroin. “I don’t care for Matt one bit.” Adriana and Matt told a different story.

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“Adriana claimed her mom and her stepdad were making her choose between raising her child and being with her boyfriend of two years.

“I have chosen Matt over my daughter because my mom is always in the way,” Adriana said.

After their appearance, Adriana and Matt decided to enter a treatment facility.

In the video above, Susie explains what happened when Adriana returned from rehab and why she believes her daughter cannot be a parent to her own child.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Tune in to hear from Adriana and what happened that led to her being kicked out of two treatment facilities. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Young Woman Explains Why She Was Asked To Leave Two Rehab Facilities