“This disorder has jeopardized every relationship or ruined it; everyone runs away from me. People are scared of me,” claims Jerica, who says she was diagnosed this past summer with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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She claims there are 10 or more different personas or “programs,” each of which, she says serves a specific purpose; either protecting her or helping her to function day-to-day.

On Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, the 27-year-old discusses several of her alternate personas, including one she calls Cleo.

“Cleo, the most powerful program, usually scares a guy if I’m in a relationship and they end up blocking me and running away,” says Jerica, explaining that Cleo is an Ancient Egyptian, who she claims has supernatural powers.

Jerica says her family doesn’t understand her disorder and has tried to paint her as demonic, even going so far as to try and perform an exorcism.

What happens to Jerica when Dr. Phil asks her to identify the most traumatic time in her life?

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Chaos in your life?

Dr. Phil Explains Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Playing Dr. Phil Explains Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dr. Phil Explains Dissociative Identity Disorder