Connie and her mother, Rosalind, say they have been begging Connie’s daughter Chrysta not to marry her fiancé, Bobby. The women claim Bobby’s 8-year-old son is a danger to Chrysta and her two children.

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“I want my daughter to run from Bobby and his son,” Connie says. “I make her promise me that my two grandchildren will never be alone in the house with Bobby's son. I'm terrified for their safety.”

Rosalind adds, “Bobby's son is pure Evil. I fear for them all."

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The women say Chrysta and her children have told them that the young boy has attempted to kill Chrysta and other children.

“My granddaughter, she told me at school he bullies the other kids, he steals, he breaks all her toys,” Connie says. “She also told me that he put a pillow over the neighbor’s 2-year-old baby. That's when the red flags kicked in for me. In my mind, it only takes one minute to hurt somebody.”

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