Record executive and Innocence Project board member Jason Flom launched the Wrongful Conviction podcast six years ago to shine a light on people put behind bars or sentenced to death row despite evidence that they are innocent. Recently, he joined forces with Pulitzer Prize-winning criminal justice journalist Maggie Freleng to create the podcast, Wrongful Conviction with Maggie Freleng. Their first episode features the story of Patty Prewitt, who was convicted of killing her husband, Bill, and has been serving a life sentence for the last 36 years but insists she’s innocent.
In the video above from Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “36 Years and Counting: Clemency for Patty?” Freleng and Flom share why they support Prewitt and believe she deserves clemency.

“What was put on at trial was allegations by the prosecutor, basically, that … Patty is an adulteress. It was based on that she wanted this life insurance policy. She had ‘affairs,’” Freleng says.
Hear from Flom and more from Freleng in the video above.
On Wednesday, Dr. Phil discusses Prewitt's case and speaks to her from prison. Plus, Prewitt's attorney and two Missouri state Representatives share why they support Patty’s bid for clemency. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Patty Prewitt, Convicted Murderer Who Insists She’s Innocent, Speaks Out

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From PTA Mom To Convicted Murderer

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