In November 1981, Hollywood legend, actress Natalie Wood died at age 43. The film star had been yachting near Catalina Island, off the Southern California coast with her husband, Robert Wagner, and her then co-star, actor Christopher Walken, over the long Thanksgiving weekend.   The couple’s employee, yacht captain, Dennis Davern, was also aboard.

Dennis claims he witnessed an argument involving all three celebrities just hours before Wagner informed him Wood had gone missing. He also claims Wagner refused to immediately call for help and that the actor later told both him and Walken that the three of them had to get their stories “straight.”

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Wood's death was ruled an accidental drowning by the Los Angeles County Coroner. Then, in 2011, the inquiry was reopened, based in part on new information from Dennis Davern and two others. 

Authorities also named Robert Wagner as a “person of interest.” However, he adamantly denies any involvement in his late wife’s drowning and has reportedly refused to speak with investigators.

 “Are you mad at yourself that you didn’t do something different?” Dr. Phil asks Dennis in the conclusion of this two-part conclusion of this two-part episode airing Friday.

“I actually think she was dead when she hit the water,” he responds.

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Does Dennis say he believes Robert Wagner was responsible for the death of Natalie Wood? And why does Lana Wood say she isn’t angry with Dennis for not doing more to look for her sister?

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Yacht Captain Claims He Witnessed Argument Hours Before Natalie Wood’s Death