Seventeen-year-old Peyton says she feels like an outcast because her family doesn’t understand her. She also explains that she has attempted suicide and that she faked being stabbed. Is the beautiful teen just crying for help? Or is there something more behind this family dynamic? Watch the video above to hear Dr. Phil explain why parents need to take their child's out-of-control antics seriously.

Peyton's mom, Lora, admits that she has not been the best disciplinarian.

"Peyton is able to manipulate me," she says. "I'm failing as a mom because I can't set the boundaries ... If this continues this type of behavior is only going to put her in a downward spiral and she's going to fail."

Watch as Dr. Phil shares his concerns with the family. "I think somebody needs to stand up to this girl and call things for what they are," he tells Lora and Peyton's two sisters, all of whom believe Peyton can be manipulative. "I truly believe that she is capable of making incredibly self-destructive decisions. Fifty percent of all suicidal deaths, I believe, are accidental. They don't intend to really die. They just intend to get attention or cry for help ... but they miscalculate and then go, 'Uh oh, I'm in trouble.' I think this girl is dramatic enough, and manipulative enough and histrionic enough to get herself in trouble if somebody doesn't deal with reality."

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