Amber claims her year-and-a-half marriage to Jim is being destroyed by Jim’s gambling. She says he has lost their cars and business, and they are practically homeless, and that she questions if their relationship can survive.

“What are you most upset about?” Dr. Phil asks Amber in the video above. “What do you feel most?”

“I feel scared and abandoned. I feel lonely,” she says. “And, I’m pissed. I’m so mad.”

Dr. Phil says that he believes that behind anger lies hurt, fear or frustration.

“I’m very hurt. I have feelings I never knew existed,” Amber says, adding that she misses her husband’s company.

Amber also claims their young son is suffering from his father’s behavior.

“He deserves the very, very best of both his parents, and I can’t be both,” she says, fighting back tears. “Every child needs a good father.”

Dr. Phil asks Jim, “If the day comes when he’s 10 or 12 years old and he says, ‘What did I lose to? What did you pick over me, Dad? Why weren’t you here?’ What are you going to tell him?”

Watch the video above for Jim’s response. And watch more from this episode here.