Whitney claims her husband, Adam, is a liar, a manipulator, and a cheater. “I always knew that Adam had an addiction to pornography, but now he has an addiction to sex,” she claims.

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Whitney says everything went downhill a year ago when a girlfriend of hers came to visit. She says she found out that Adam had made sexual advances toward the friend and when she confronted him, he refused to acknowledge the allegations.

“He waited a few weeks before he finally came clean and told me that it was him and that he was sorry, and I said, you need to tell me everything,” says Whitney. “He’s also admitted to having sexual relations after we had our child but before we got married, and I knew there was more to come out.”

From sexual encounters with acquaintances and strangers to exposing himself to members of Whitney’s family, Adam claims he’s addicted to sex and can’t control his urges.

“How could I live with someone for so long and not know who they were?” Whitney asks.

Does she say she’s ready to end her decade-long marriage over Adam’s behaviors?

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