Stuart says he’s been smoking marijuana for 50 years and now he needs to be “wasted” just to function. He says he doesn’t do anything without first getting high, including going to work or driving the car.

“Stuart drives under the influence daily,” claims Stuart’s wife, Renee. “It’s the part of the day I dread the most.” She says every time Stuart gets behind the wheel, she’s terrified he’ll kill himself or someone else.

Stuart disagrees and says, “I think I’ve got pretty [much] control of everything when I’m driving.”

When Stuart admits he’s been stopped by police but has never been “busted” for driving under the influence, how does Dr. Phil respond?

This episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“My Husband Needs to Smoke Weed,”’ airs Friday.

And later, Dr. Deena Manion, a psychologist, licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Officer at Westwind Recovery Centers says she is willing to help. Is Stuart ready to make a change?

Dr. Phil airs Monday - Friday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

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