Four years ago, Laura left with her daughter, traveling from their home in Pennsylvania to Utah, where she says she was trying to escape from her estranged husband Joe, whom she alleges was abusive. Joe denies the abuse allegations.

Laura was eventually located and although she was charged with multiple counts of kidnapping and interfering with custody, she was acquitted of all charges.

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Despite her acquittal, Laura says she has not seen her daughter in four years, thanks to interference from Joe. Joe claims he not only worries that Laura may leave again with the child, but says he is also concerned over what he describes as Laura’s “very bizarre conspiracy theories.”

“She thought people were out to get her,” Joe claims. “There was a white truck at our neighbors’ house and she thought that there were government officials in there monitoring everything she was doing.”

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According to Joe, Laura’s alleged paranoia also included speculation about “alien lizard people” working with the government, as well as Laura being the target of a neo-Nazi group – all of which Laura denies believing.

“One of my many concerns is that if Laura is allowed to speak with my daughter, is she going to pass on these very bizarre, unfounded beliefs?” Joe asks.

“That was his attempt to discredit me,” she insists of Joe’s assertions.

Watch the video above as Laura does admit she believes she was being “stalked” by Joe and his friends.