Chelsie says her husband, T.J., has been unemployed for “99 percent” of the time during the four years they’ve been together.

Now, after being married for two years, Chelsie says she has had enough and wants her husband to get a job.

“I’m beyond frustrated with my husband,” Chelsie says. “I’m supporting both of us, and our daughter.”

According to Chelsie, instead of working, T.J. – who claims he can’t find a good job because he says he’s “cursed” – stays at home with the couple’s 22-month-old daughter. And as a stay-at-home dad, Chelsie says she expects her husband to take care of certain things around the house, and that that’s not happening either.

“After I’ve been working all day long, I’m tired. I don’t want to come home to a house that’s dirty. I don’t want to come home and do laundry, and honestly, I shouldn’t have to,” Chelsie tells Dr. Phil. “If the tables were turned and I was the one at home, I would have given our daughter a bath, dinner would be cooked and ready, laundry would be done, dishes would be done, the house would be vacuumed and that’s just all there is to it.”

For his part, T.J. says he can’t find a job for several reasons, including car troubles, a lack of good jobs where they live, and not having anyone available to watch their daughter while he goes out on interviews.

T.J. – who did not graduate high school – also has said he refused to work for minimum wage.

“Maybe if I got minimum wage with 40 hours a week, it would be a different story,” T.J. says. “But I can’t find one.”

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil gives T.J. a wake-up call when it comes to his job search.