On the outside, Valerie says life with her husband Donny and their three children may appear perfect.

But on the inside, Valerie claims they are a family at war.

“We look like we’re the perfect family, but we’re all just faking it,” Valerie says. “My family is always at war.”

Valerie claims one of the issues causing friction within their household is that each parent appears to favor a different child.

“Our family is torn down the middle. It’s Donny and my 9-year-old daughter against my 8-year-old son and myself,” Valerie explains.

Caught in the middle is 15-year-old Michelle, who says she is constantly forced into playing peacemaker at home.

“I’m fed up with all the drama around here,” Michelle says. “Because I’m not a problem, and I’m a good student, I’m completely ignored ... I feel like I’m just a trophy daughter.”

Watch the video above as Valerie and Donny question whether or not they want to save their relationship. “How did we get like this?” Valerie pleads with her husband.

Check out more from this episode, including why Michelle says she’s counting down the days until she can move out and leave her family’s drama behind. This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday.