Darlene says she lost everything in the Great Smoky Mountain wildfires in 2016, including her home, her business, and several vehicles. She and another victim of the fire, Vicky, allege that Melinda lost nothing in the wildfire, but claim she led others to believe that she did.

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They’re accusing Melinda of setting up an online fundraiser under an alias, fraudulently collecting around $600 and then using the money for herself.

“I’m aggravated that there are still so many who are living in tents, in cars, and homeless,” says Darlene. “Whether it was $600, $6.00 – whatever – could have gone to a family to get them a hotel for a night, and gotten them off the streets.”

“It’s disgusting,” says Vicky. “And it’s embarrassing to say she even lives where we live. That’s not who we are. She’s betraying our county.”

Melinda, who says she was displaced for weeks by the fire, adamantly denies everything Vicky and Darlene have accused her of. She claims they’re trying to destroy her with false allegations. What proof do Darlene and Vicky claim they have against Melinda? Watch the video above to hear why they’re calling Melinda a “scammer.” Check here to find out where you can watch Friday’s Dr. Phil.

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Woman Denies Allegations That She Scammed Donations After Tennessee Wildfires