Rachel and her daughter, Gracie, are in a never-ending battle. Mother and daughter say they fight every day, call each other names and that Rachel has even hit Gracie. Rachel says she’s lost control of her 15-year-old and now the teen is in trouble with the law.

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Gracie admits that she’s full of rage and that her mother sets her off – but that she wants to change so that her family can be “happy again.”

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After speaking with the teen, Dr. Phil determines that Gracie has some “open wounds” from trauma she has suffered, and that’s part of the reason for her “get them before they get me” attitude. He offers her the opportunity to get help at the Center for Discovery.

After the show, Rachel meets with Nichomi Higgins, assistant director of operations at the Center for Discovery. Will Gracie commit to the program? Watch her decision in the video above.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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