Dennis Davern captained the yacht owned by Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood at the time of her death in 1981. On board the night Wood drowned near Southern California’s Catalina Island, Dennis claims he witnessed an argument involving Wagner and Wood in the hours leading up to the actress’s death.

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Later, when everything got quiet, Dennis says he made his way to the back of the boat, where he claims Wagner told him “Natalie’s missing.”

Dennis insists he wanted to look for the missing actress in the water and suggested calling for help, but claims Wagner told him to wait.

“He said, ‘Let’s just have a drink, and let's just try and calm down,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Damn we really need to call the coast guard,’ and he didn’t want to have any part of that.” Dennis claims he and Wagner stood on the back of the boat and drank “for hours.”

Eventually, the coast guard was called in to search for the actress.

Dennis says after Wood’s body was recovered from the water, Wagner and Walken left the boat and flew back to the mainland, leaving him behind to make the official identification.

When he next saw Wagner, Dennis claims the actor told both him and Walken, “We have to get our stories straight.” What does he claim they were told to say?

Robert Wagner has categorically denied having any part in the death of his late wife, Natalie Wood. He has never been charged in connection with her drowning.

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