Kate says she’s always had trouble cleaning and keeping organized. But she says that even though her house is filled with stuff, she doesn’t consider herself a hoarder. However, her sisters Peggy and Pattie say that Kate, who has a master’s degree and a law degree, has struggled with hoarding for years and that she has become an irresponsible, scatterbrained hoarder and surrounds herself with piles and piles of stuff. Watch their story here.

WATCH: What May Be Causing Woman To Keep A House Full Of Excessive Trash And Clutter

In the video above, Kate gives the Dr. Phil cameras a tour of her current home. Why does she say she lives in a mess with no sheets on her bed, dirty dishes covering her countertops and mountains of stuff strewn throughout her house? And, is she ready to change her behavior? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Check here to see where you can watch.