Kristen says that when she doesn’t get love and support from others, she goes shopping at thrift stores. She says this has led her to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of things that now fill her house and a new house she recently bought. Kristen says now, her newfound obsession is buying unclaimed storage containers.
“There are some really cool things that people have put in their storage unit, and I’m just keeping it,” Kristen says. Showing off a storage shed filled with lawnmowers, chairs, plastic flamingos and more, she adds, “I need this stuff because it gives me the illusion that I have the perfect house and home. It tells the neighbors that I have an exceptional life.”

On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'The Happy Hoarder'," Dr. Phil digs down to determine why Kristen feels the need to always buy things. How does she respond when he asks her, “Is it possible that your relationship with all this inanimate stuff has just gotten to be a comfort zone, because you don’t have to put anything into the relationship?” Hear her response in the video above.
Why does Kristen say she has a hard time parting with things? And, what may be driving her behavior? Check local listings to see where you can watch Thursday's episode.

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