Kelly claims that Dana, a former administrator on her secret online peer support page for women with PTSD and depression, began cyberstalking and cyberbullying her after Kelly banned Dana from the group.

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“She found my job, she found my address. I felt unsafe in my home,” claims Kelly.

WATCH Woman Claims She’s Being Cyberstalked By Someone She Banned From Online Support Group

“Kelly’s Facebook group was like a fan club to her,” says Dana, who claims that Kelly gives out bad advice. She also claims her reputation was ruined when Kelly posted about her online after she was banned from the group.

Kelly claims that Dana is the reason she lost her job. She’s accusing Dana of posing as an attorney and sending her employer a “fake” audio recording that got her fired.

“Our goal was to show that Kelly was an internet harasser,” says Dana who claims she consulted with an attorney and denies pretending to be one.

WATCH Woman Calls Leader Of Online Support Group An ‘Armchair Therapist’

Why does Dana say it’s not her fault that Kelly lost her job?

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Woman Calls Leader Of Online Support Group An ‘Armchair Therapist’