Alexandria and her identical twin sister, Anastasia, were known for their dynamic personalities and thriving yoga business. But they were also known for their trouble with the law.

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The duo made headlines in 2016 when their car plunged off a 200-foot cliff on Hawaii’s Hana Highway. Alexandria was driving, and Anastasia was killed.

During an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Thursday, Alexandria speaks out for the first time since her sister’s tragic death. In the video above, she recalls what she says happened in the moments leading up to the horrific crash.

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“We were just talking. We were just having a conversation,” Alexandria says. “I know that the day before that, the tire went out. We were up in where Hana was and there was this gentleman, so he switched the tire for us. So we’re driving on that donut. It was like a little rainy but there was just so many different, like, it was just, the whole thing was like a tragic, horrible, awful situation.”

“The witnesses said that when the car went by, it was in the middle of the road, and that the two of you were yelling and screaming, and that [Anastasia] was pulling your hair,” Dr. Phil says.

Hear Alexandria’s response in the video above. And, hear what a former friend of the sisters testified about what he witnessed, and what a man claims to have seen when he saw the women drive by.

On Thursday’s episode, hear more from Alexandria as she speaks out for the first time since a judge ruled the crash to be an accident and not murder. Check here to see where you can tune it.

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