Danielle and Brandon have been in a contentious custody battle over their now 10-year-old daughter since shortly after she was born. Danielle, who currently has only visitation, wants custody back because she claims her ex is abusive and has threatened to kill her twice. She also accuses Brandon of neglecting their daughter by not providing basic necessities – all accusations Brandon denies.

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Danielle even admits that she called police to check on the child because she “sounded dehydrated.”

“You called police to meet the child at the airport stating that the child sounded dehydrated on the phone?” Dr. Phil asks Danielle. “Tell me how you sound dehydrated.”

“She was barely speaking,” Danielle explains, demonstrating what her daughter’s voice sounded like.

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In the video above, hear more of Danielle’s explanation, including why she says she was scared for her daughter’s safety. On Tuesday’s episode, hear why Danielle called poison control while Brandon was caring for their daughter. Can Dr. Phil help these exes come together for the sake of their child caught in the middle? Check here to see where you can watch.

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