Jen admits she has an anger problem and regularly hits, punches and scratches her fiancé, Josh.

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“I am physically abusive in reaction to his verbal abuse,” Jen claims. “He has told me that he hates me. He’s called me worthless. He says that even my own family hates me. That just makes me mad. He makes me feel like I’m not lovable.”

Jen, who admits she can’t control her rage, says she’s usually the instigator in their physical altercations but claims that Josh’s reactions to her are much worse than her attacks. Josh, however, says he fights back in self-defense.

“Jen has gripped my nose and my mouth, dug her fingernails into my face, tried to pull off my lips,” Josh claims. “When she grabbed my nose and lips, I grabbed Jen’s hand and I pushed her away.”

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Jen, who insists that she loves Josh and would marry him tomorrow, admits she has pulled a knife on her fiancé. “I was just holding it in my hand,” Jen says. “I was just trying to scare him so that, you know, he would shut up and leave me alone.”

Is there any hope for this “toxic” relationship? See what Dr. Phil thinks on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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