Erica, who admits that she is alcohol-dependent, says that her willingness to drink everything from hand sanitizer to bug repellent has left her comatose and fighting for her life over a dozen times. She also admits to ingesting other substances, “Just so I don’t have to deal with reality.”

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Her mother, Tani, says that most recently, Erica was in a coma for over two weeks after taking what was described as an anti-anxiety drug she’d ordered from overseas. “The doctors had to call European poison control. They needed to figure out the substance because they didn’t know what it was.”

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“It’s like four times stronger than Xanax, and I’ve OD’d on it at least four times and woke up in the ICU,” says Erica.

On Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, Erica’s identical twin, Brittany, discusses how Erica’s ongoing alcohol and substance abuse has affected her. Plus, hear what Dr. Joel Kahn, Clinical Professor of Cardiology at Wayne State University in Detroit, and Founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity, says about the medical dangers of the substances Erica has been ingesting.

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