Arielle says she knows that her mother, Donna's, husband, Ivy, is not her biological father based on a DNA test she took. The 32-year-old says it's important for her to know the truth about her paternity to move on with her life.

Donna claims that the year before Arielle was born, she had an “indiscretion” with another man. She previously insisted that Ivy was Arielle’s biological father.

"I'm going to be honest - I don't know," says Donna, claiming that she sees traits from both men in her daughter.

How do Ivy and Arielle respond to Donna's admission?

And what prompts Ivy to walk off the stage for a second time? Watch the video above, then tune in on Wednesday for the conclusion of this three-part Dr. Phil, "Secrets, Addictions And Lies: Can This Family Heal?"

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WATCH: ‘It Is Important For Me To Know The Truth From My Mother,’ Says Woman Who Claims Dad Is Not Her Biological Father

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